Phardis, competence and experience

Logistic medicine outsourcing services

Technical management Emanuela Previtali

Managing the pharmaceutical product requires in-depth knowledge of sector regulations and special attention for the regulatory system. To offer its clients a service consistent with binding regulations, Phardis is involved in the activities of its category association through which it dialogues with institutions to search for the most effective solutions to manage medicines properly. Phardis has decided to assign Technical management to its Site Manager, to guarantee consistency between business choices and needs expressed by regulatory bodies.

Quality assurance Sara Fontana

In a regulated, standardised sector, where safeguarding the products is priority to business, Quality assurance works in close contact with the different company functions, with leadership and clients, continuously searching to improve process effectiveness and efficiency. Certified ISO since 2001, the company has developed a system that can also adapt to the models of those clients requiring it. The QA Manager heads a team of people handling the GDP and GMP aspects.

Sales & Marketing management Guia D'Acquisto

Control and organisation of sales and marketing activities are key company growth factors. Phardis sales & marketing management handles this carefully with maximum precision, setting strategic targets for the overall growth of one of Italy's most important logistic outsourcing realities in the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical sector, and its client companies, the true partners of Phardis

Information technology Ivano Cortinovis

Phardis technology is all managed in house. The company can count on the services of its internal IT department, with dedicated staff in each of its offices. Phardis offers customised IT solutions to manage the pharmaceutical product correctly. Internal processes are sustained by modules and functionalities that can satisfy the requests of assigning companies in compliance with sector regulations.

Transport management Riccardo Borghi

The specific Phardis transport management system enables the clients of our operating centres to use a tried and tested organisation, after decades on the market. The choice of shipper is prudent and reflects client needs, in full compliance with sector laws in force. The best partner is only chosen after carefully assessing client needs and the type of goods to be transported.

Human resources Carmine Di Battista

Employees are our first resource and the pulsing heart of Phardis. Through training and updating programs we ensure continual professional growth and acquisition of specific competences; while the management policy to involve and aimed at full workforce satisfaction has created strong synergy and trust over the years between company and human resources, to offer the best logistic outsourcing services for medicines.