Managing transport of medicine

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Transporting medicines

Phardis uses operators who transport the medicines and para-pharmaceutical products in compliance with laws in force. The selection of shippers and monitoring their performance is an ongoing activity to constantly improve service levels, though with the objective difficulties linked to this delicate activity.

The shippers we work with are those who have chosen to structure themselves to manage pharmaceutical products and guarantee compliance with binding instructions. The best partner is only chosen after carefully assessing client needs and the type of goods to be transported. There are frequent controls and results are shared frequently to ensure that products are managed correctly throughout all the distribution stages.

We provide fast (24-48h) medicine distribution solutions using specialised distribution structures spread all over the country. They guarantee traceability of each distribution stage with online access not only to the vehicle's geolocation, but also to the instant temperature and display of track from when the product is assigned to delivery (if it has already taken place at the time of display).

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